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Street life in London, 1876-77


September 5th 1666: Great Fire of London ends

On this day in 1666 the Great Fire of London ended after raging for three days. The fire originally broke out in Thomas Farynor’s bakery in Pudding Lane, near London Bridge. Strong winds created a firestorm which destroyed thousands of buildings, leaving almost 100,000 without homes. St. Paul’s Cathedral also fell to the flames. Several of London’s historic areas were spared, such as Westminster and Whitehall. There were only 6 recorded deaths, however there may have been more which were not recorded. The fire ended due to the fact that the strong east winds died down and firebreaks were used by the Tower of London to prevent the fire spreading.

"…it made me weep to see it"
- Samuel Pepys on the fire


From London on the Thames to the sea to the world, so much of history came from this brightly-lit city.


done by matteo pasqualin


done by matteo pasqualin

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